Season 3: Episode 19: The Truth

Although he is being audited, Jerry is confident of prevailing with the help of Patrice, George's new girlfriend and a former IRS auditor. However, pressed to tell the truth about his feelings for her, George breaks up with Patrice after giving her all of Jerry's tax records. Meanwhile, Elaine is upset with Kramer's behavior while he is dating her roommate, Tina.

When Jerry insists George retrieve the records, George goes to Patrice's apartment but discovers she has checked into a mental institution as a result of their breakup. After tracking her down, they find that she threw the papers out, leaving Jerry without any copies for his audit. Over Elaine's objections, Kramer surprises Tina with a new coffee table he made from a discarded car windshield.

Needing to come up with records for his audit, Jerry is forced to call around town asking for receipts. Though given a chance to tell Kramer and Tina what she really thinks about their romance, Elaine cannot bring herself to tell them the truth. Finally, an accident with the table puts Tina in the hospital, while George reconsiders his decision about Patrice.

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