Season 4: Episode 52: The Airport

After losing a bet to Jerry, George agrees to pick him and Elaine up at Kennedy Airport after a trip. But, when the flight is cancelled and they are offered a pair of seats on another plane to LaGuardia Airport, Jerry and Elaine discover that one of them is in first class. After vying for the seat of their choice, Elaine is forced to travel in coach and struggles with an overcrowded cabin, while Jerry enjoys himself in a roomy seat next to a gorgeous model named Tia. Meanwhile, having meticulously planned their trip to the airport, George is shocked when Kramer puts them squarely in the middle of a horrendous traffic jam."

Upon arriving at JFK and learning about the flight cancellation, George finds himself fighting over the last copy of a newspaper with a prisoner on his way to jail. Then, as George mocks the convict and gets the paper for himself, Kramer spots an old roommate who has owed him money for the last twenty years. Meanwhile, as Elaine struggles just to get to the bathroom, Jerry and Tia playfully relax in the comfort of their first class seats. Though George convinces him to go to LaGuardia, Kramer is obsessed with collecting the debt from Grossbard. So, after arriving at LaGuardia to discover the flight has been rerouted back to Kennedy, Kramer realizes he will have his chance to get even after all.

After agreeing to buy a pair of airline tickets in order to catch up with Grossbard, George finds himself in the bathroom face to face with the vengeful convict as Kramer is being arrested for assault and dragged off the plane. Meanwhile, when Jerry suggests Elaine take a vacant seat in first class, she is caught and forced to return to her coach seat. Finally, after everyone arrives at the baggage claim, Elaine discovers her bags are missing as the friends relive the pleasures and horrors of the trip.

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