Season 4: Episode 48: The Cheever Letters

While preparing for the dinner at which he is to tell Susan's father about the loss of his cabin, George sits down to begin working with Jerry on their script for the network. Then, reminded to call Elaine but forced to talk with her assistant Sandra, Jerry complains about Sandra's keeping him on the phone too long. However, Elaine tries talking to Sandra about the problem and ends up upsetting her, causing Sandra to quit. Meanwhile, as they struggle with the script, Kramer asks for another box of Cuban cigars, noting that, without them, he will be unable to play golf at the Westchester Country Club.

Told of Sandra's quitting, Jerry reluctantly agrees to apologize and then ends up accepting her offer to meet for a drink. However, after Sandra makes a pass at him at his apartment, Jerry unconsciously says something that offends Sandra and she storms off. Worried that having convinced her to return to work, she will talk about the episode, Jerry insists that Elaine fire Sandra, claiming she is unfit to be working for her. While at dinner with Susan's family, George notes the comic irony in the fact that Mr. Ross' cigars were responsible for the cabin being burned to the ground.

Deciding to take a break from their script writing, Jerry and George stop by the Ross' just as a package of letters recovered from the fire is being delivered by the doorman. However, when Susan begins to read one aloud, her family is shocked to find they are from author John Cheever, which describe a sexually active affair he had with Mr. Ross for many years. Politely excusing themselves, Jerry and George return home to resume writing, while Kramer drops by on his way to play golf with his new Cuban friends and Elaine makes a passing reference to the remark that upset Sandra so much.

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