Season 4: Episode 62: The Handicap Spot

Having been invited to an engagement party for Drake, Jerry and his friends debate what kind of gift to bring. Convincing George to borrow his father's car, they stop at a shopping mall while on their way to the party and, after parking in a handicap space, head off to buy a big screen television. When they return to the car, they discover that a wheelchair-bound woman's accident has drawn an angry crowd around their illegally parked car and, retreatimg to plan their escape, they return to find it has been totalled by the mob.

While George tells his father that he and his friends were attacked by an irate gang, Kramer announces that he has fallen in love with the injured woman while visiting her in the hospital. Insisting on helping Lola out, Kramer takes George to buy a used wheelchair, while Jerry and Elaine discover that Drake has called off the wedding and has given his fiance all of the party gifts. Determined to get the TV back, Elaine calls Drake's ex-fiance, only to find that she has donated the gifts to a charity -- one at which George's father also happens to be a volunteer. However, during the meeting where he is being singled out for his years of faithful service to the organization, Frank is arrested for George's illegally parking in a handicap spot.

To repay his father for the damage and the ticket, George takes a page from his pilot for NBC and agrees to become his father's butler. Meanwhile, dumping Kramer after being given the wheelchair, a faulty brake causes Lola to careen out of control while going down a hill. Learning of the accident, Frank decides to give Lola a big screen TV that was recently donated and orders George to get his friends to help deliver it. So, after picking up the set and returning it to get their money back, George is persuaded to park next to a fire hydrant.

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