Season 4: Episode 60: The Junior Mint

When an artist she stopped dating because of his weight is admitted for surgery, Elaine asks Jerry to pose as her new boyfriend during her visit. Taking Kramer along, Elaine is surprised to find that Roy is now thin and, told that she was responsible for the dramatic change, her romantic interest is rekindled. However, when Kramer expresses some concern about the surgical procedure, Roy's doctor invites him and Jerry to observe the operation along with some of his students. But, while watching from the operating room balcony, Kramer accidentally drops a mint, and he and Jerry watch in horror as it lands inside Roy. Meanwhile, Jerry sets out to learn the name of a woman he has been dating, while George discovers a lost childhood bank account containing nineteen hundred dollars.

After agreeing not to tell Elaine about the lost mint, Jerry and Kramer are told that Roy's condition has taken an inexplicable turn for the worse. Though Jerry claims he can't live with the accident on his conscience, Kramer insists they keep quiet, while George senses an opportunity to make some money and asks Elaine to buy him nineteen hundred dollars worth of the ailing artist's triangle paintings. Then, after catching Jerry going through her purse before he can learn her name, The Mystery Woman rebuffs George and Kramer's attempts to uncover her identity.

Despite George's insistence that they do nothing to interfere with fate, Jerry calls the hospital to confess and discovers that Roy has made an inexplicable recovery. Though the artist claims it was George's investment that inspired him to recover, Dr. Siegel suggests that something must have happened during the operation which helped him stave off a deadly infection. Realizing that he will only get fat now that he is well, Elaine again tries to avoid seeing Roy after he is released, while the Mystery Woman abandons Jerry after discovering he doesn't know her name.

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