Season 4: Episode 53: The Pick

Listening to George lament about missing Susan, Jerry reminds him of just how much he disliked her when they were dating, and Elaine suggests George seek some professional advice, referring him to a therapist and friend. After Elaine agrees to have Kramer take a photograph for her Christmas card, Jerry entertains Tia at his apartment and discovers she is wearing the same fragrance Kramer had proposed to Cal Yin Klein a year ago. Although Jerry tries to keep it a secret, Kramer discovers the truth about his perfume and threatens to get revenge on the executive who originally ridiculed his idea.

As George and the therapist start his session, they are distracted by a stuck zipper on his jacket. Meanwhile, Elaine discovers that the picture she sent out with her Christmas cards clearly shows too much decolletage. Then, though Jerry is only scratching his nose while stopped at a traffic light, from an adjacent cab Tia thinks she sees something much more disgusting and suddenly refuses to return his calls. When Elaine gripes about the problems her card has caused, George complains that he didn't receive one and she angrily gives him a close look at what he missed.

Told that Tia is at Calvin Klein's office, Jerry and Kramer depart to settle their scores. As George persuades Susan to give him another chance, Kramer confronts Calvin and soon finds himself as a model for the designer's exclusive line of underwear. Meanwhile, Jerry is unable to change Tia's mind about what she saw, while Elaine is dropped by her religious new boyfriend after he receives her card. Finally, realizing that he truly dislikes being with Susan, George get himself thrown out of her apartment.

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