Season 4: Episode 63: The Pilot, Part I

While Jerry and George await news of the future of their pilot, Kramer lobbies to play himself in the show, as NBC President Russell Dairymple pressures Elaine to go out with him again. Worried about what will happen to him now that he is on the verge of success, George goes to see his therapist. But, when Dana notices a slight discoloration under his lip and suggests he see a doctor, he immediately assumes it is cancer. As everyone at NBC worries about Russell's failure to show up for the auditions, Jerry and George help select the cast. Then, determined to get a shot at a part, Kramer arrives to try out, only to have his audition cut short by a sudden need for a bathroom. But, unable to find a bathroom, he sprints for home and is mugged along the way. Meanwhile, Jerry and Elaine notice that the coffee shop's new owner hired only large-breasted waitresses, and George panics when his doctor orders a biopsy on his lip.

Invited to the taping, but fearing another confrontation with Russell, Elaine arrives in a disguise, only to be recognized by a childhood acquaintance. Meanwhile, George gets some good news about his biopsy, Kramer takes extreme measures to regain regularity and the psychotic Joe Davola suddenly leaps from the studio audience and attacks Jerry.

As everyone arrives to watch the completed pilot on TV, Kramer announces his success in curing his constipation, while Jerry discovers his father's long-missing wallet beneath the cushions of his couch. But, just as they are getting used to the idea of being rich television producers, Jerry and George learn that Russell has been fired after mysteriously disappearing and that his replacement is not picking up their show for the new season. Blamed by Jerry for their show's failure, Elaine presses her case and finds that the coffee shop waitresses are actually the owner's daughters. Finally, after Russell becomes an environmental activist to redeem himself in Elaine's eyes, he is lost at sea while intercepting a whaling ship.

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