Season 4: Episode 43: The Pitch

Asked if he might be interested in doing something on television, Jerry accepts the NBC network's invitation to meet about developing a new series. While discussing the meeting, George suggests doing a show about nothing, using Jerry and his friends as the main characters. Taking George along to NBC, Jerry runs into Joe Davola, a writer who sees the same psychiatrist as Elaine. After he accidentally lets on that Kramer is having a party, to which Joe has not been invited, Jerry insists on warning his neighbor but is interrupted as he and George are called in for their meeting.

Interrupting Jerry as he pitches their idea, George explains how, without any plot or story, the show will simply observe the everyday lives its main characters. Pressed for details, George insists he will not compromise his artistic integrity by changing it in any way, only to be later lectured by Jerry about how his stupid idea ruined any chance of getting a deal. Dismissing Jerry's criticisms, George wonders if he would have a chance at getting a date with Susan, one of the executive's at the meeting.

While Jerry is warning Kramer about Davola, George and Susan arrive to announce that she has convinced her NBC colleagues to pursue their idea for a series. However, when Kramer drinks some old milk in the refrigerator, Jerry and George watch in horror as he suddenly vomits on Susan. As George later laments the effect the vomiting incident will have on their deal, Kramer arrives after having been attacked by Davola on the street and warns Jerry that he is next.

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