Season 4: Episode 56: The Shoes

After running into a woman Jerry dated a couple of times but was never able to kiss, Kramer is thanked for his loyalty when he reveals that he snubbed the elusive Gail Cunningham. Then, during a meeting with Elaine at the coffee shop, Jerry tries to explain why he and George have cut her character out of their script. But, when Gail arrives to complain about the Kramer's snub, she makes a snide remark about Elaine's expensive shoes. Meanwhile, George complains that his therapist didn't find the script funny, and Kramer announces that he kissed Gail.

Learning that Gail told Kramer about her shoes, Elaine tracks her down at the restaurant where she works to complain. However, failing to get any satisfaction, Elaine sneezes on an order of pasta primavera as it is on its' way to the table of NBC executive Russell Dairymple. Forced to meet at Russell's apartment because he suddenly took ill at lunch, Jerry and George arrive to find he is too sick to talk about their pilot. However, after asking to reschedule their meeting, Russell catches George leering at the cleavage of his fifteen year-old daughter.

When Jerry and George's deal with NBC is suddenly cancelled, Jerry blames Elaine... who reminds him that it was no doubt cancelled when George was cought staring at Russell's daughter. So, hatching a plan to show Russell how easily one can be distracted by the cleavage of a passing stranger, Jerry has Kramer ask Gail to call the next time Russell is in the restaurant.

When Russell arrives at the restaurant for lunch, Jerry and George hurry over to plead their case. However, when Elaine walks by wearing a low cut dress, Russell is oblivious to her presence, although another customer asks her for a date. But, when Russell finally notices, the pilot deal is back on after Elaine agrees to join him for dinner. Finally, as she persuades them to put her character back in the script, Jerry and George realize something is wrong with their pasta primavera.

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