Season 4: Episode 61: The Smelly Car

Upon leaving a restaurant after dinner with Jerry, Elaine discovers that a parking valet's body odor has permeated Jerry's car and, after latching onto them, prematurely ends her date later that same night with Carl. Claiming that the smell caused Carl to leave her in such a hurry, Jerry expresses his fear that the odor is permanently attached to their bodies. Meanwhile, after spotting Susan holding hands with another woman at the video store, George learns she became a lesbian after they broke up, unaware that her lover, Mona, has fallen in love at first sight with Kramer.

As Jerry is persuading the restaurant's owner to pay half the cost of cleaning his car, George discovers that a video he was to return has been stolen. While at the store trying to explain the loss, George meets Susan and discovers he, too, has been infected with the overpowering stench. Then, as Jerry discovers that an expensive auto deodorizing treatment has failed, Elaine's efforts at the beauty parlor to remove the odor from her hair proves to be unacceptable to Carl's sensitive nose.

Unable to stop the odor, Jerry decides that his only alternative is to sell his car, while an angry Susan looks for her girlfriend at Kramer's apartment. As he is consoling Susan about losing her lover, and admitting to being attracted by her lesbianism, George is then confronted by another old girlfriend, with some unexpected results. Finally, a frustrated Jerry leaves his car to be stolen by an unsuspecting gang of thieves, while Elaine seeks an extreme deodorizing treatment, and Kramer discovers that borrowing Jerry's jacket has cost him his affair with Mona.

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