Season 4: Episode 44: The Ticket

With Kramer suffering after effects from his encounter with Crazy Joe Davola, Jerry suggests Kramer see a doctor right away. Then, after getting everyone to agree to chip in for Susan's dry cleaning bill, Jerry and George are surprised when they are invited back for another meeting with the network to discuss their show. While on their way to the meeting, Jerry throws his faulty watch in the trash before being met on the street by his Uncle Lou. Cutting their conversation short, Jerry and George hail a cab to the meeting, unaware that Lou has recovered the discarded watch for himself.

Complaining about how bad his relatives can make him feel when he doesn't have time to talk, Jerry gets George to agree to be more flexible as they prepare for their meeting. Then, after George reverses his position for the show, they are offered a deal to write a pilot episode for $13,000. Meanwhile, having been ticketed for speeding, Newman claims he was trying to get home to help a suicidal friend, but Kramer's erratic behavior undercuts his alibi and he is forced to pay the fine.

As Jerry gets a call at NBC from his mother to complain about how he insulted Uncle Lou, George is disappointed when Susan actually accepts the money to pay her cleaning bill. Then, as Elaine's psychiatrist worries about having left enough medication for his psychotic patient, Jerry spots Davola outside a diner waiting for him. Asking a police officer for help, he is dismayed when the cop decides to eat before escorting him out. Finally, after Newman and Kramer arrive with news that Davola isn't outside, Newman discovers his car is being ticketed.

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