Season 4: Episode 42: The Trip, Part II

Hearing that Kramer is being sought as the Smog Strangler, Jerry and George decide to locate their friend and vindicate him in the killings. Calling from a pay phone and admitting he cannot find his way to the police station, Jerry identifies himself as George and is told to wait for someone to pick him up. However, when their police escorts have to answer a call about a crime in progress, they are forced to share the back seat of the patrol car with new suspect Toby Nagy. Admitting to being friends of the suspected serial killer, George debates Toby on just how much one should tip the maid during a hotel stay.

When the police are called to apprehend another suspect and Jerry and George rush to help, they leave the car door ajar allowing Toby to escape. Relishing the publicity at the center of a media circus, during a visit by his friends, Kramer talks enthusiastically of his life in Hollywood before pleading with them for help. Then, after a harsh interrogation, Kramer suddenly finds himself a free man when the killer strikes as he is in custody.

Insisting upon staying in Los Angeles, Kramer accuses his friends of having no faith in his ability to make it in show business. However, back in New York after their west coast adventure, they are surprised when Kramer drops into Jerry's apartment to borrow some mustard. Finally, when a television news broadcast reveals Smog Strangler Toby Nagy somehow managed to escape from the back of a patrol car, his description fits George to a tee.

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