Season 4: Episode 45: The Wallet

While Jerry and his parents, Morty and Helen, are on their way to New York for his father's appointment with a back specialist, George is telling the NBC executive who championed their show that the network's offer for the pilot episode is too small and that he and Jerry have agreed to pass. Then, as his mom worries after learning that Crazy Joe Davola is out to get her son, Jerry's parents notice he isn't wearing the watch they gave him as a present. Claiming it is out being fixed, Jerry admits to Kramer that he actually tossed the defective watch in a trashcan and asks that he not tell mom and dad -- unaware that it was retrieved by his Uncle Leo.

Arriving for his appointment and surprised by all the forms he needs to complete, Morty gives only his name and address before being taken in for his x-rays. However, upon returning to the examination room, he discovers that his wallet is missing. Meanwhile, Jerry criticizes George for turning down the offer for their show, claiming the network will simply move on to someone else's script. Upon returning from her trip, Elaine is forced to admit her relationship with Dr. Reston is not working out and that the psychologist is using his professional insights to manipulate her.

With his wallet and money gone, Morty accuses the doctor and his staff of thievery and leaves without paying. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to break up with Dr. Reston by telling him that an old boyfriend has suddenly come back into her life. But, panicking when he presses for details, she says his name is Kramer and agrees to have him call Dr. Reston to discuss their relationship. Finally, as Morty is complaining about the theft, Uncle Leo arrives at Jerry's wearing his discarded watch.

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