Season 4: Episode 46: The Watch

While dining with his parents, Jerry tries to hide the fact that his Uncle Leo recovered the watch they gave him as a gift. Meanwhile, after learning their deal at NBC is dead, George insists that Susan tell him how to contact the network executive responsible for turning it down, while Kramer agrees to pose as Elaine's lover in order for her to break up with her psychiatrist-boyfriend. However, upon calling Dr. Reston to announce that he and Elaine are intimate, Kramer is persuaded into making an appointment to discuss the matter face-to-face.

After arguing over the check, Jerry follows Uncle Leo to the rest room, leaving his father to pay, even though his wallet was stolen. Noting that Leo is wearing the watch, Jerry offers him several hundred dollars for it in order to keep his parents from discovering he threw it away. Then, after Morty fails to convince the maitre'd to accept his IOU for the dinner, he arrives in the bathroom to witness Jerry and Leo concluding their deal. Meanwhile, George goes to network executive Russell Dahymple's apartment and badgers him to accept their script for several thousand dollars less than the network's first offer.

As Kramer is meeting with Dr. Reston, Elaine has a chance encounter on the street with Crazy Joe Davola. Then, after agreeing that the psychiatrist and Elaine make a wonderful couple, Kramer leaves the office just as Joe arrives for his appointment, claiming to have met a the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. As Jerry's parents are packing for their return to Florida, George arrives to announce that their deal is back on at NBC -- for five thousand dollars less than the original offer. Finally, while leaving for the airport, Uncle Leo recovers a new wallet that Morty has thrown in the trash, unaware that Jerry put four hundred dollars inside as a surprise for his dad.

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