Season 4: Episode 58: The Old Man

When Elaine volunteers to work with senior citizens, George rises to the occasion and is assigned to help eighty-five-year-old Ben Cantwell. Although Jerry claims he himself is too self absorbed to participate, he caves in to pressure from his friends and agrees to work with eighty-seven-year-old Sid Fields. Meanwhile, Kramer and Newman try to sell Jerry's old record albums but, told they are virtually worthless, vow to return with a more valuable cache.

Greeted by Sid's West Indian housekeeper before meeting a grumpy and rude Sid, Jerry notices stacks of old records and convinces him to let his friends have them. Meanwhile, George is incredulous over Ben's enthusiasm for living in the face of his advanced age, while Elaine nearly faints after discovering an unsightly goiter on Mrs. Oliver's neck. Telling them about Sid's albums, Jerry takes Kramer and Newman along to recover the records, and allows George to tag along, too. But, when Sid insists that everyone leave, an argument ensues and he loses his false teeth, which George then accidentally mangles in the garbage disposal. Insisting on taking him to the dentist right away, Jerry loses Sid once they have reached the street, while Elaine discovers that Mrs. Oliver was once the lover of Mohandas Ghandi and knew Winston Churchill.

Offered only twenty dollars for Sid's entire collection, Kramer and Newman end up in a fight with the shopkeeper and destroy the albums. Then, as Jerry is being reprimanded for losing Sid, the old man's son arrives to find out what happened to his father. But, when Jerry explains that his friends were only clearing out some unwanted records, Tim demands that the valuable collection be returned just as Kramer and Newman arrive to announce that they were destroyed. Calling the apartment and finding his the line is busy, everyone hurries to Sid's, arriving just in time to find George seducing the housekeeper.

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