Season 5: Episode 77: The Dinner Party

Denouncing the custom of bringing wine for their hosts, George dons a bulky new parka to protect him against the bitter cold and joins his friends in Kramer's car for the trip to a dinner party. However, when Elaine decides that they should also bring dessert, she and Jerry stop at bakery while, still bristling at the obligation, George joins Kramer at the liquor store to purchase a suitable wine. Having neglected to take a number and secure their place in line, Jerry and Elaine then try to convince another couple that they were there first. Yet, recognizing them as acquaintances on their way to the same party, Jerry and Elaine admit defeat in their argument, only to watch Barbara and David buy the last Chocolate Babka -- the same dessert they wanted to bring.

Refusing to double park or to wear a jacket despite the frigid weather, Kramer reveals that he didn't bring a wallet, forcing George to buy the wine. But, needing to first change a hundred dollar bill, they go to a nearby newsstand where they have to buy a number of items before the clerk will accept it, only to return to find a double parked car blocking them in. Furious with the delay, George accosts a pair of innocent pedestrians about the car and nearly ends up in a fight before Kramer suggests waiting inside the liquor store for warmth. Meanwhile, after deciding on a Cinnamon Babka, Jerry also makes a stand for racial hannony by getting himself a black and white cookie. But, when Elaine discovers a hair on the Babka, Jerry recalls memories of a traumatic childhood incident and insist they take it back, forcing another wait in the bakery's long line.

After finally exchanging the Babka, Elaine fumes as she and Jerry wait for their ride, unaware that George and Kramer are blocked in. Making matters worse, the cookie causes Jerry to suddenly become ill and rush to the bathroom, while Elaine's frozen toes are accidentally crushed by a blind man's cane. Told they cannot wait in the liquor store, George accidentally knocks over a floor display and, breaking a number of wine bottles, is forced to pay for the damage with the only thing of value he has left -- his new parka. So, without coats, George and Kramer are forced to wait outside for the missing driver, who turns out to look just like Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. After the frozen George and Kramer finally return to pick up a sick Jerry and the crippled Elaine, they end up snidely dropping off their gifts at the party before heading straight home.

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