Season 5: Episode 84: The Fire

With Kramer hard at work on his book about coffee tables, Elaine disapproves of her co-worker Toby's exuberance about the project. While George courts Robin, a single mother and waitress at the comedy club whose young son is about to celebrate his seventh birthday, Kramer brings Toby for her first comedy show where her heckling during his act rattles Jerry's composure. Then, after a senior editor leaves for another job, Toby insists that Elaine is the likely choice for the promotion.

While at Ben's birthday party, George panics over the smoke of a couple of greasy hamburgers and tramples over Robin, her mother, and the children in his rush to escape. After being attacked by a group of angry kids spurred on by Robin's mother's accusation that he is a coward, George struggles to explain why he bolted from the apartment, portraying himself as a hero who tried to lead the children to safety. Meanwhile, upset with a poor review he received because of Toby's heckling, Jerry decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. Yet when his heckling causes her to run from her desk in a panic, Toby loses a toe to a passing street sweeper, forcing Kramer on a mission of mercy to get the missing digit to the hospital.

Criticizing Jerry for his heckling, Kramer recounts his heroic trip to the hospital, complete with battling a gunman on a city bus. Then, as George reflects on his own cowardice in the light of Kramer's heroism, Toby is welcomed at work by a crowd of well-wishers and is given the senior editor's job over Elaine. While Elaine complains that his vengeful act set off a chain of events which cost her the promotion, Jerry notes that the reviewer has agreed to come to see his act again. But, when George arrives to ask Robin for another chance and then panics at the sight of a comic's prop gun, he creates chaos in the club and ruins Jerry's act.

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