Season 5: Episode 85: The Hamptons

As Jerry, Elaine and Kramer head for a weekend at Michael and Carol's beach house in the Hamptons, George makes the trip with his latest girlfriend, Jane. Yet, when George sets off to buy some tomatoes for his mother, Jerry, Kramer and Elaine are more than a little surprised when Jane decides to go topless. Meanwhile, though she and Jerry are shocked by their host's ugly baby, upon meeting the baby's pediatrician Elaine is quite taken, particularly after the doctor refers to her as breathtaking. However, her excitement is short-lived after he calls the ugly baby breathtaking, too. Then, arriving by train, Jerry's girlfriend Rachel gives George a perfunctory greeting as she quickly heads off to change, as a beachcombing Kramer returns with a full lobster trap and casually mentions that he saw Jane topless.

Shocked by the news, George insists that to even the score, he should see Rachel naked, too. Although George barges into her room but fails to catch her, he is surprised when Rachel accidentally sees him undressing after a cold, genital-shrinking swim. So, worried about what Rachel must think, and even more about what she might tell Jane, George turns to Jerry for help. Although Jerry says that everyone is aware of the shrinkage factor, Elaine claims ignorance of the phenomenon and George's worries are magnified. Meanwhile, as Kramer learns that Rachel is kosher and cannot eat shellfish, George's delicate attempt to defend his shrinkage only prompts Rachel to tell Jane. Then, after learning that Kramer found the lobsters in a commercial trap, Michael recalls how his own lobster fisherman father toiled to put him through law school.

As Elaine gets nowhere with Ben, Rachel sneaks into the kitchen for some late night lobster and finds Kramer guarding the refrigerator, determined that she maintain her piety. Then, unable to keep Jane from leaving in the middle of the night and determined to get revenge, George prepares a breakfast the following morning and slips lobster into the scrambled eggs he serves to Rachel. Turned in by Michael, Kramer is arrested for lobster poaching, while George walks in on Rachel again and she decides to return to New York with Michael and Carol. So, with Kramer left behind to work off his fine, George heads back with Jerry and Elaine, only to have a brief stop for more tomatoes end with a punch in the mouth from Rachel.

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