Season 5: Episode 79: The Pie

After his date Audrey adamantly refuses to taste a restaurant's famous apple pie, Jerry immediately becomes suspicious while, struggling with an incurable itch, Kramer claims he saw a mannequin that looks exactly like Elaine. Discovering it is true, Elaine tangles with a haughty saleslady who encourages George's infatuation with an expensive suit she says is about to go on sale. So, as Elaine searches for information about the mannequin's origin and Jerry pursues his obsession with Audrey's refusal of the pie, Kramer falls in love with a long-nailed restaurant cashier, while George tries to protect his newly beloved suit from being sold.

After George tries putting a dumpy customer named Bob off the track by giving him the wrong date for the sale, Jerry presses Audrey about the pie and discovers that her father is the owner of Poppies, the trendy restaurant where they are eating. But, when he notices that he didn't wash his hands in the rest room before returning to the kitchen, Jerry refuses to taste Poppie's specially made pizza. Meanwhile, after George manages to successfully hide it, Bob concedes defeat in the battle for the suit, but swears he will get revenge. And, when a stranger says she is the woman in a window display being spanked while wearing lingerie, Elaine steals the look-alike mannequin.

Worried about a swooshing sound it makes when he walks, George confesses to a prospective employer during an interview that he is wearing a noisy suit, while Poppie's questioning of Jerry about the pizza is interrupted when health inspectors arrive to investigate complaints about his cleanliness. Meanwhile, George pledges allegiance to conformity as he joins Fleming and his employees for lunch. However, upon finding that Bob is the cook, his refusal to share in a piece of communal pie costs George the job but saves him from getting sick. Finally, after losing his itch, Kramer dumps the cashier by claiming that the mannequin in Jerry's car is his new girlfriend. Meanwhile Elaine learns that the dummies are showing up all over the country -- unaware they are being made by Ricky, a obsessed man who she met during a recent subway ride.

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