Season 5: Episode 76: The Stall

Finding herself in a theater ladies room without any toilet paper, Elaine is frustrated when a woman in the next stall refuses to loan her even one square. Unaware that the disembodied voice actually belongs to Jerry's date, Elaine complains bitterly to him about the incident the following day and, upon realizing who she is talking about, he foresees trouble ahead if they all go out for dinner as planned on Saturday night. Although denying that she is only interested in her new boyfriend because of his good looks, Elaine agrees with Jerry's assessment that George is infatuated with Tony, while Kramer uses Jerry's telephone to start up a relationship with a phone sex operator who calls herself Erica.

Upon anxiously accepting Tony's invitation to go rock climbing, George is upset when Kramer is invited, too. Then, after defending his interest in Tony but denying that he is in love, George's distraction while climbing causes his new friend to take a nasty fall. So, when Elaine drops by unexpectedly, forcing Jerry to quickly fill Jane's mouth with gum to make her voice unintelligible and protect her identity, George and Kramer arrive with news of the accident. Hurrying to see Tony and worrying that his perfect face has been damaged, Elaine recoils in anticipatory horror from his kiss, as George drops by only to learn that the injured climber no longer likes him. Meanwhile, Kramer swears that Jane is the same woman he has been calling on the phone sex line.

Certain that Tony is going to be deformed by the accident, Elaine meets Jerry at the coffee shop to discuss how to handle breaking up, while Kramer reveals that he has invited Erica there to clear up the mystery about her identity once and for all. But, when Jane claims no knowledge of Erica or the phone sex line and excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Elaine recognizes her voice and, hurrying ahead to steal the toilet paper, leaves her helplessly stranded. Finally, Jane storms off after demanding that neither Jerry nor Kramer ever call her again, and Elaine discovers that while Tony has healed perfectly, he is dumping her because of a small pimple on her face.

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