Season 5: Episode 80: The Stand-In

As George is complaining about his new girlfriend Daphne, he and Jerry learn that their friend Fulton is in the hospital. Though uncomfortable with being asked to cheer him up, Jerry agrees to go see Fulton while George opts to just send his greetings. Meanwhile, along with his midget actor friend Mickey, Kramer is hired as a stand-in on a popular soap opera. But, after Mickey complains the child performer he is standing in for is growing too fast, Kramer persuades him to wear lifts in his shoes. Then, arriving at the hospital, Jerry cannot persuade Fulton to crack a smile, and even fails with a hilarious, sure-fire story about their friend Pachyderm.

Although his short colleagues notice something different, Mickey denies having done anything as a rival actor pledges to expose the truth. Then, after his friend Al Neschy warns Daphne that he is incapable of making a commitment, a stunned George fights to keep their relationship intact, even though he is already growing tired of it. So, as Jerry admits to his tough time with Fulton and suggests that Elaine consider dating their friend Phil, George decides to continue seeing Daphne if only to prove Al wrong. Meanwhile, worried that his colleagues will know he is wearing lifts, Mickey chastises Kramer for convincing him to try them in the first place.

Complaining that his rival Johnny is out to get him, Mickey explains the unwritten code that forbids small actors from doing anything to make themselves taller. Then, on their first date, Elaine sees Phil exposing himself, while Jerry begs Fulton's wife Adrian for another chance to make her sick husband laugh. After redoubling his effort to prove Al wrong, on their next date George discovers that Daphne has fallen for someone new -- their friend Pachyderm! Finally, with Phil confused over why Elaine won't have anything to do with him, and Mickey is ostracized by the other small stand-ins, Jerry succeeds at making Fulton laugh hysterically, only to be shocked when he suddenly stops dead.

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