Season 6: Episode 109: The Face Painter

After running into his friend Alec Berg, Jerry comes away with tickets to a hockey playoff game. Although Elaine and Kramer are eager to go, George can't make it because of a date. So Elaine offers the extra ticket to her boyfriend, David Puddy. But she has second thoughts after David paints his face like a devil to root for his favorite team. Meanwhile, in light of his being able to talk with her about anything, George seriously considers telling Sienna he loves her.

When George goes out on a limb and says he loves her, Sienna responds by suggesting they get something to eat. As a result, he's certain that he's ruined any chances of a relationship. However, after an aborted guided tour of the zoo where she works, Kramer learns of Sienna's hearing problem -- one which could mean she didn't hear George's declaration of love all that well. Meanwhile, Kramer admonishes Jerry for not calling Alec right away to thank him for the hockey tickets. And when he runs into Alec at a funeral, a cool reception leads Jerry to suspect that Kramer was right.

When Alec doesn't call to offer tickets for the next game, Kramer is convinced it is because of Jerry's slight. And while David promises to give up face painting for her, what Elaine didn't expect is for him to paint his chest in order to spell out his team's name with a group of other rabid fans. However, when Jerry does call Alec, he only gets tickets after agreeing to be a part of David's rooting section. Tempting fate, George once again tells Sienna that he loves her, only to discover she heard him quite well the first time. Finally, when Elaine tries consoling the priest who was frightened by David's devil face, she is mistaken for a heavenly vision.

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