Season 6: Episode 107: The Fusilli Jerry

While on a date with car mechanic David Puddy, Elaine is surprised to find he uses a "Move" in bed which Jerry invented. Although Elaine enjoys it, Jerry insists that his mechanic stop using the Move at once. After announcing that she's getting cosmetic eye surgery, Estelle asks George to drive her home from the hospital. But an appointment at work forces George to ask Kramer for help. Meanwhile, when he goes to pick up his new license plates, Kramer discovers an embarrassing mix-up.

After pressing Jerry for the details of the Move so he can try it too, George gets it wrong and injures his girlfriend Nancy. Accused of stealing the Move, David ends his relationship with Jerry and his car, telling Elaine that he's going to come up with something all his own. After constructing a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta, Kramer picks up Estelle while sporting the new license plates...ones which read "Assman." As a sudden turn causes her to lurch forward, Estelle gets the wrong impression when Kramer tries to steady her and accidentally grabs her breast. Meanwhile, worried about being taken advantage of by a new mechanic, Jerry asks Elaine to get an estimate from David, without him knowing who it's for.

Though unimpressed with his wife's new eye job, Frank is furious when Estelle claims that Kramer stopped short in order to fondle her breast -- a move Mr. Costanza claims he invented years ago. Meanwhile, after he successfully uses Jerry's Move, Nancy is upset to find that George had notes written on his hand. Convinced that a new mechanic is ripping him off, Jerry then lets David have the Move back in order to get his damaged car repaired. When Frank arrives to settle his score with Kramer, the shoving match that follows ends with him falling directly on top of the fusilli sculpture. And while they are at the proctologist's office to have it removed, Kramer finally finds the owner of the license plates he has been using.

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