Season 6: Episode 92: The Gymnast

With George on his way to meet his girlfriend's mom, and Kramer heading to pick up his new 3-D art poster from Elaine, Jerry announces he is dating a former Rumanian Olympic gymnast. As George defends the unusual habit of taking off his shirt while using the bathroom, Jerry hints that he is about to end the relationship with Anka. However, Kramer and George encourage him to stick with it, if only for the unique sexual possibilities. Meanwhile, Mr. Pitt becomes so obsessed with Kramer's 3-D poster that he sends Elaine to represent him at an important board meeting. But as she is discussing a merger between two mineral water companies, she jeopardizes the deal with questions about the new name.

Arriving at the end of a party, George impresses Lindsay's mother with his offer to help clean up. However, when Mrs. Enright catches him eating a pastry he salvaged from the garbage, he struggles to explain. Though failing to persuade Jerry that there is nothing unusual about eating out of the trash, George does convince Lindsay to give him another chance. As Kramer struggles with a kidney stone, Jerry's interest in Anka is piqued upon seeing a tape of her Olympic performance. But after she disappoints him in bed, he calculates how much longer he needs to see Anka before breaking up. Meanwhile, as a result of his carelessness, George is forced to wash the car window of an angry motorist --only to be spotted by Mrs. Enright.

Counting the days until he can drop her with a clear conscience, Jerry joins Anka at the circus to see her former Olympic teammate Misha perform his high wire act. Meanwhile, after chastising Elaine about the water deal, Pitt continues to be obsessed with the 3-D picture and risks missing another important meeting. But Elaine forces him to go -- even though he is unaware that a series of improbable accidents have left him resembling Adolf Hitler. As Kramer's passing of his kidney stone at the circus disrupts Misha's concentration and causes him to fall, George again upsets Mrs. Enright when he emerges from her bathroom without his shirt. Finally, Mr. Pitt's unwitting impression of Hitler stuns the board meeting, while Jerry learns that Anka only pursued their relationship because of an old Romanian tale which claims that comedians are unusually virile.

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