Season 6: Episode 94: The Mom & Pop Store

Told that their neighborhood shoe repair store is in danger of failing, Jerry lets Kramer take his sneakers in to be cleaned. But when a nosebleed forces him to lie down in the store, Kramer spots some dangerous wiring and warns Mom & Pop to have it fixed. With all of his spare shoes out to be cleaned, Jerry is forced to wear an uncomfortable pair of cowboy boots as he worries about getting invited to dentist Tim Whatley's Thanksgiving Eve party. But when he asks Elaine to help, she hesitates, wanting to maintain a certain mystique in order to get a date with Tim.

As George claims to have bought a used car once owned by actor Jon Voight, Mr. Pitt uses Elaine's knowledge of music to win a spot holding the Woody Woodpecker balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Out for a ride in the new car, Jerry finds something which suggests it was owned by someone other than the actor. And when George throws him out for his insolence, Jerry is mugged! With their electrical problems only making matters worse, Mom & Pop quietly close down and leave town with Jerry's shoes. Meanwhile, during another nosebleed, Kramer spots Jon Voight. But when he tries to ask about the car, he ends up getting bit by the frightened actor.

Still without an invitation, Jerry arrives at the party hoping to find a dentist who can help him with his mugging injuries, while George looks for someone who can match Kramer's bite marks with those on a pencil he found in the car. Though Tim inadvertently contaminates the pencil with his own teeth, George ends up learning the car was owned by John Voight, a dentist. Meanwhile, with her hearing damaged by loud music, Elaine doesn't hear Tim when he asks her for a date. Finally, after Jerry accidentally pops the parade's Woody Woodpecker balloon, he and Kramer recreate a scene right out of "Midnight Cowboy" as they board a bus for New Jersey after learning his sneakers are being sold at a garage sale by Mom & Pop.

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