Season 6: Episode 97: The Switch

While admiring Mr. Pitt's expensive tennis racquet, publishing executive Jocelyn Landis asks to borrow it. And, hoping it could lead to a new job, Elaine agrees, even though Pitt needs it for an upcoming match. As Elaine points out that Jerry's new girlfriend never laughs, Kramer suggests that the fashion model George has been dating is bulimic. While Jerry tries out some jokes on Sandi and realizes Elaine is right, George is determined to learn the truth about Nina. And, as George is seeking someone to help, Kramer reveals that his estranged mother Babs is a ladies room attendant.

After beating her brother at tennis for the first time ever, Landis is injured while jumping the net. Taken with her devotion to the game, Elaine cannot bring herself to take back the racquet just yet. So, she considers borrowing one from Newman, whose racquet is identical to Pitt's. As they are arranging for Babs to eavesdrop on Nina in a restaurant bathroom, George overhears her use Kramer's first name. Realizing the truth is out, Kramer decides to put the past behind him and start using it from now on. Meanwhile, when Jerry discovers that Sandi's roommate is attractive and laughs at everything, he decides to make a switch and date Laura instead.

Although George suggests putting off Sandi by proposing a menage a trois with her roommate, the plan backfires when both women agree. When Kramer convinces Babs to quit her job to join him in business, George is left without anyone to spy on Nina. So, he peeks in the restaurant's ladies room himself, only to catch a surprised Nina powdering her nose. Meanwhile, still without Pitt's racquet, Elaine asks Kramer for a key to Newman's apartment so she can to borrow his. And, thinking he is away for the weekend, Kramer agrees. However, he and Elaine aren't the only ones surprised when they find Newman and Babs entwined on the couch. Finally, as Sandi and Laura prepare for sexual adventure, Jerry panics and bows out.

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