Season 6: Episode 110: The Understudy

Upon learning that Bette Midler, the star of the upcoming Broadway musical Rochelle Rochelle, is playing against Jerry and George in their next softball game, Kramer comes along hoping to meet her. However, when she's injured by George sliding into home plate and the crowd discovers Jerry is dating her understudy, Gennice, they are accused of conspiring to keep Bette out of the show. Meanwhile, because he's fluent in Korean, Elaine takes George's dad to a nail salon to confirm suspicions that the manicurists are talking about her behind her back. It's then she learns of Frank's love affair with a woman in Korea, one in which he was rebuffed by her strict father for refusing to remove his shoes because of his foot odor.

Convinced that they conspired to injure Bette in order to get her a big break, Gennice thanks Jerry and George. Yet Kramer heads for the hospital where he slavishly devotes himself to making the injured singer comfortable. As he's chastising the rude manicurists, Frank is reunited with the woman he left behind in Korea many years ago. But, suggesting they now spend the rest of their lives together, Kim takes offense when Frank uses his old "move" to fondle her breasts. Meanwhile, thrown out of the salon and sent into the street crying, Elaine is consoled by a catalog clothing icon.

As a result of Bette's injury, Gennice is suddenly recognized everywhere as the woman who hired a pair of vicious hit men to advance her career. And when things become too hectic as Jeny and the others arrive at the hospital to apologize, Kramer spirits Bette away to the safety of his apartment. Finally, on the musical's opening night, Gennice is unnerved by the boos of Bette Midler's vengeful fans.

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