Season 7: Episode 122: The Caddy

When leaving his car at work for several days creates the impression that he's a real go-getter, George is considered for a big promotion. Letting his car do all the work, he sneaks away for a few days with Susan. However, upon realizing that restaurant fliers piling up on the windshield will give him away, he calls Jerry for help. Meanwhile, Kramer is sure his new caddy Stan can help get his golf game in shape to turn pro.

Elaine is irritated by an old high school classmate's display of her ample breasts. But giving her a bra as a birthday gift backfires when Sue Ellen wears it as a top. And as they are taking George's car to be washed, Jerry and Kramer have an accident after being distracted by Sue Ellen's new look. Meanwhile, when his boss sees the damaged car, he's convinced George has been in an accident. Certain that he's dead, the Yankee's owner personally delivers the bad news to Frank and Estelle before giving their son's promotion to someone else.

With an injured shoulder jeopardizing his golf game and his future, Kramer decides to make Sue Ellen pay, But, while Elaine is assigned the task of making the bra J. Peterman's next big item, Jerry has second thoughts about helping with the lawsuit, especially after meeting the lovely Sue Ellen. Finally, Kramer's case against her is ruined when he asks that Sue Ellen try on the bra in court.

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