Season 7: Episode 125: The Cadillac, Part II

After returning home from a lucrative out-of-town engagement, Jerry decides to buy his father a new Cadillac. As Jerry is out looking for the car, a friend of Elaine's claims George is just the right type for her friend, Marisa Tomei. Infatuated with the Academy Award-winning actress, George badgers Elaine into helping get him a date. Meanwhile, Kramer seeks revenge for having to wait for a cable TV appointment ten years ago.

When Jerry arrives in Florida to surprise his dad, Morty is delighted with his son's generosity, but Helen isn't. And neither are their neighbors, especially Jack Klompus, who immediately suspects Morty of financial misdeeds. So, at the next meeting of their condominium association board of directors, Morty finds himself facing impeachment as its president. Meanwhile, to keep Susan from finding out about his date with Marisa, George convinces Elaine to back up the story he's concocted. And Kramer's elusive behavior forces the cable man to employ some equally covert tactics.

When George finally gets his chance to meet Marisa Tomei, she finds him charming and funny. But her mood changes dramatically after George admits he's engaged. And realizing she's been lied to, Susan accuses George of having an affair ... with Elaine! Meanwhile, Morty learns of a board member whose vote could save his presidency. However, when Mrs. Choate remembers being mugged by Jerry for a loaf of rye bread, Morty's chances are ruined and Jack is installed as president. Finally, as the impeachment forces Morty and Helen to move, Kramer's determination convinces the cable repairman to declare an end to hostilities.

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