Season 7: Episode 127: The Doll

While in Memphis, Jerry agrees to deliver a wedding gift from Susan's friend, Sally. But when it ruins an unusual bottle of barbecue sauce he was bringing back for a television appearance, Jerry asks her to bring a case of the stuff when she comes to New York. After turning George's old bedroom into a billiard room, Frank learns that a picture Elaine took in Tuscany may be of his long-lost cousin Carlo. And when told he has the picture, Kramer's friend the Maestro agrees to look for it at home. Meanwhile, George is uncomfortable with a doll in Susan's collection that looks exactly like his mother.

After learning Jerry is going to be on TV with opera star Jose Carreras, Elaine asks him to get an autographed picture to replace the one she ruined at the Maestro's apartment. And when Sally arrives from Memphis, Jerry is upset to learn she brought another brand of barbecue sauce, one he can't use in his comedy routine. Left without any material for the TV show, he then decides to do a bit about the doll that looks like George's mother, Estelle. Meanwhile, Kramer and Frank adopt the Maestro's habit of keeping his pants off to keep them from getting creased. And, while enjoying a game of pool in their underwear, Kramer uses the conductor's baton for a pool cue.

Although Elaine finally gets Carreras to autograph a poster for the Maestro, she soon finds that keeping it safe in bad weather is a challenge. Then, as Jerry waits patiently for the doll to arrive, Sally ruins his act again when she shows up with one that looks nothing like Estelle. Meanwhile, Frank is sure the man in the picture is his cousin Carlo, but he can't convince Estelle. Yet, upon making the trip to Tuscany, he discovers his wife was right after all. Finally, after Elaine ruins the autographed poster, the Maestro and his orchestra discover the conductor's baton is no longer quite the same.

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