Season 7: Episode 111: The Engagement

After breaking up with their girlfriends, Jerry and George worry that they're destined to spend their aging years as lonely old men. As a result, Jerry resolves to make up with Melanie, while George sets out to find Susan, the NBC executive he used to date. Meanwhile, when Elaine's sleep is disturbed by a barking dog living near her new apartment, Kramer offers to get Newman to take care the noisy pet once and for all.

While Jerry hears Kramer's warning about the pitfalls of marriage, George doesn't. And inspired by his fond memories of their relationship, George heads to Susan's apartment where he proposes on the spot. After breaking the news to his incredulous parents, George arrives to tell Jerry the news. However, when he learns that Jerry's reunion with Melanie was cut short because of her annoying eating habits, George has second thoughts about his proposal to Susan.

Although she's against killing it, Elaine does agree to let Kramer and Newman kidnap the annoying dog and joins them on a mission to relocate it far from home. But after taking a bite out of Kramer's shirt, the dog finds its way home, where a telltale tag leads to Kramer, Newman and Elaine's arrest. Finally, when his plan to join Jerry for a movie is derailed, George's concerns about marrying Susan grow, especially after he can't watch an exciting baseball game on TV.

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