Season 7: Episode 128: The Friar's Club

Following the unexpected postponement of their wedding, George badgers Susan for permission to set up Jerry with her maid of honor, Hallie. Arranging for dinner at the Friars Club where he's been proposed for membership, Jerry arrives without the requisite jacket. But after borrowing one from the maitre d', he forgets to return it once their dinner is through. Meanwhile, unable to sleep because of his new routine, Kramer sets off into the night wearing Jerry's jacket from the club.

The next day, Jerry discovers that Kramer not only wore the jacket, but he dropped it off at the cleaners, too. Then, as he's wearing it during a date at the theater, Jerry loses it again, this time to a gypsy magic troupe's gag. Though Hallie promises to handle it, the experience causes Jerry to excuse himself early and heads for home. And upon learning there's little chance Jerry will be seeing Hallie because of the incident, George insists the jacket will be returned. Meanwhile, when Elaine decides to test co-worker Bob's alleged deafness with some amorous talk, every word is overheard by their boss. And when an exhausted Kramer falls asleep during sex, his girlfriend Connie mistakes him for dead and dumps him in the river.

Called into the club for a tongue-lashing, Jerry spots one of the gypsy magicians eating lunch in what he thinks is the missing jacket. However, after showing up at the theater that night, Jerry finds he's made a mistake when Hallie shows up with the one he borrowed from the club. Meanwhile, after Kramer turns to the police, Connie is arrested for attempted murder. Finally, on a theater date arranged by their boss, Elaine gets a chance to test Bob's hearing aid for herself. But when a freak accident impairs her hearing, it costs Elaine a much sought after business trip to Italy.

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