Season 7: Episode 112: The Postponement

Although Elaine refuses to admit it, George's upcoming wedding to Susan has her troubled. And when a rabbi in her building senses something is wrong and encourages her to speak freely, she admits to feelings of jealousy and resentment. Meanwhile, George continues having second thoughts about Susan and seeks Jerry's advice on postponing the Christmas wedding until the first day of Spring.

When George raises the subject with Susan, he immediately backs down after she tearfully suggests that he really doesn't want to get married at all. However, after witnessing another man refusing to succumb to a woman's tears, he resolves to take control of the situation and insist on the postponement. While picking up Elaine for a movie, Jerry runs into the rabbi, who freely reveals the details of her confession. But the discovery that her secrets have been disclosed gets Elaine out of the mood to be with her friends. Meanwhile, at the theater with Jerry, Kramer tries to smuggle in a hot cup of coffee underneath his shirt -with disastrous results.

When he demands the postponement and ends up crying, too, George finds that his own tears have convinced Susan to agree. Confronting the indiscreet rabbi, Elaine discovers that his revelations stop with Jerry. Meanwhile, as the newly liberated George suddenly feels Susan's reins tightening once again, Kramer reveals that he's suing over the burns he suffered from the hot coffee. Finally, when they happen upon the rabbi's cable TV show, George and Susan are shocked to discover they are the focus of his sermon.

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