Season 7: Episode 123: The Seven

While shopping with Jerry, Elaine spots an old bike just like the one she had as a girl. But when Jerry is distracted by another customer and won't help her get it down, Elaine injures her neck. So Elaine mentions that she'd give the bike to anyone who could relieve the pain, unaware that Kramer would take her offer seriously. Meanwhile, Kramer agrees to start paying for whatever he takes from Jerry's refrigerator.

Over dinner with friends, George dismisses their choice of names for the baby girl they are expecting. However, after privately telling Susan that he wants to name their first child Seven as a tribute to Mickey Mantle, George is shocked to discover Carrie and Ken like it, too. Meanwhile, after making a date with Christie, Jerry is puzzled when she shows up wearing exactly the same thing she wore when they first met. And Elaine goes looking for Kramer and her bike after his treatment for her neck stops working.

When Elaine wants Kramer to return her bike, Jerry suggests they get Newman to mediate their dispute. But Newman suggests splitting the bicycle in half, so Elaine agrees to let Kramer have it as she continues seeking relief from the pain. Meanwhile, when George goes to complain about their stealing his name, he arrives just as Carrie is going into labor. And when Christie continues showing up in the same outfit, Jerry is determined to find out why, while she's just as determined to keep it a secret. Finally, after a food bill from Jerry forces Kramer to sell the bike to Newman, George must face the fact that the name Seven now belongs to Carrie and Ken's new baby girl.

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