Season 7: Episode 116: The Soup Nazi

While on the way to a soup stand whose demanding proprietor's harsh rules have led to him being referred to as "The Soup Nazi," Elaine stops to buy a sidewalk vendor's antique armoire. But when she's unable to move it into her building on a Sunday, she hires Kramer to watch it on the sidewalk overnight. Meanwhile, after George's request for extra bread causes the Soup Nazi to bar him from lunch, Elaine spots him in line trying again. While waiting, the two complain about Jerry's romantic behavior around his new girlfriend Sheila. And though George is successful in getting served this time, Elaine discovers just how tough the Soup Nazi can be when she's banned from eating there for two years.

Kramer loses the armoire to a pair of sophisticated furniture thieves. And when a kiss in line costs Sheila a delicious bowl of soup, Jerry is prompted to claim he doesn't know her. Pointing out that he chose a bowl of soup over a woman, Elaine suggests he's acting even stranger than George. However, Jerry thinks it's George who's been acting strange, which puts the Seinfeld-Costanza friendship to the test. Meanwhile, the Soup Nazi gives Kramer an old armoire he's been keeping in his basement.

Upon finding him making amends with Sheila, George decides to make a point about Jerry's romantic antics. But when he tries using his own silly terms of endearment with his fiancee Susan, George doesn't anticipate just how much she'll like it. Meanwhile, when her thank you for the armoire enrages the Soup Nazi, Elaine is determined to get revenge for his rudeness. And the recipes she's found hidden in his old armoire provide just the ammunition. Finally, as Jerry announces he's breaking up with Sheila after all, the Soup Nazi closes up shop for good, much to the dismay of his loyal customers.

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