Season 7: Episode 133: The Wait Out

Told that the marriage is on the rocks, both Jerry and Elaine admit to being interested in dating Beth and David Lookner. Following George's offhand remark about their marriage, Beth and David suddenly decide to separate. And while Beth is ready to get on with life after marriage, David blames George for her leaving. Meanwhile, Kramer insists he's still thin enough to wear pair of tight jeans, only to discover he can't get them off in time to help his friend Mickey with an important audition.

When George arrives at Beth's apartment to admit his remark was in jest, Jerry is determined to keep him from interfering. But when the confession causes Beth to have second thoughts about breaking up, Jerry and Elaine are determined not to let the same thing happen with David. Meanwhile, Kramer agrees to watch a neighbor's sleeping child while she's out. Yet, seeing him walking awkwardly in his tight jeans convinces little Joey that Kramer is a monster.

As Jerry does his best to change Beth's mind, Elaine goes to work on David. However, when David retaliates with a comment about him and Susan, George is convinced that he's found a way out of his engagement. Meanwhile, Kramer asks that Mickey pose as Joey while he searches the streets for the missing boy. But when Kramer is arrested for stalking the child, Mrs. Zanfino discovers that the person in Joey's bed is not her son. Finally, after Elaine cannot keep David and Beth from reuniting, George discovers Susan is just as interested as ever in getting married.

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