Season 8: Episode 144: The Andrea Doria

As quickly as he finds a great new apartment that will get him out of his parent's house, George loses it to an elderly tenant who's given preferential treatment because he survived the shipwreck of the Andrea Doria. Unable to persuade Clarence to give up the apartment, George sets out to convince the tenant's association that he has suffered far worse hardships than a shipwreck. Meanwhile, Elaine ponders keeping a boyfriend with a reputation of bad break-ups.

Although reluctant to see a doctor to treat a nagging illness, Kramer borrows a dog with similar symptoms in order to get a vet's diagnosis. As Kramer gets some animal antibiotics to treat himself, Elaine claims not to be fazed by Alan's farewell observation that she has a big head. Meanwhile, Jerry discovers that Newman has been keeping undelivered mail in his storage space to protest not getting ajob in Hawaii.

When Newman's hope of a transfer is suddenly revived, Jerry agrees to do whatever it takes to help out. Yet, once he steps in to get the undelivered mail into the proper hands, Jerry's outstanding performance costs his neighbor the transfer. Then, as George's tales of woe convince the tenant's association that he's a far better candidate for the apartment, Kramer's medication causes him to exhibit some canine characteristics. Finally, after Elaine finds that his opinion of her head size is widespread, a second insult provokes her to attack Alan, who ends up stealing George's apartment with a small bribe.

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