Season 8: Episode 142: The Chicken Roaster

After convincing an old college friend to spend some time catching up, Jerry questions Seth's judgment after he is fired from a good job for missing a meeting with an important new client. And after George persuades her to buy him a fur hat on the company account, Elaine's expenses are scrutinized once the $8,000 bill comes in. While he's out with the clerk who sold him the hat, George leaves it at her apartment as part of his plan to get a second date. But when Elaine needs the hat to keep from losing her job, Heather claims she has no idea where it is. Meanwhile, when a Kenny Rogers Roaster chicken restaurant opens across the street, its bright lights interfere with Kramer's sleep.

Kramer switches apartments with Jerry until his sixties-style boycott of the restaurant solves the problem with the lights. However, when Seth finds a new job at Kenny Rogers, unable to resist temptation, Kramer becomes secretly addicted to their chicken. Although he and Elaine can't find the hat at her apartment, George is sure Heather has it and steals a valuable clock to retaliate. Taking Jerry's advice, Elaine buys a cheap imitation sable hat on the street. But when it's quickly recognized as a fraud, she heads for Burma to personally get Peterman's approval and keep her job.

When Heather calls, George is certain she wants to make a trade. But only after revealing he has her clock does he learn that she really just wanted another date. While trying to get Seth to turn off the lights, Jerry uncovers Kramer's addiction. And when Jerry inadvertently closes down the restaurant, he costs Seth another job and leaves Kramer craving the chicken. Finally after tracking down Peterman, Elaine still cannot get her boss to sign off on her expense account without first showing him the hat.

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