Season 8: Episode 147: The Comeback

After being embarrassed by a co-worker's remarks, George's quest for revenge with a retort on his own is set back when Reilly takes another job. And after investing $200 in a new tennis racquet, Jerry discovers that the pro who recommended it doesn't even know how to play. Meanwhile, as Elaine falls for a video store's mysterious critic, a movie inspires Kramer to create a living will. As Kramer and Elaine go over the circumstances that would result in cutting off his life support, Jerry heads for the pro shop to complain about being duped.

As Elaine's latest video store pick upsets Vincent, the movie that inspired Kramer to draft his will also gives him reason to think again. As Kramer asks to reconsider their agreement, Elaine discovers that her betrayal caused Vincent to stop making video picks at the store. Meanwhile, after an attractive woman invites herself up to his apartment for some casual sex, Jerry is stunned to learn that she's the chastised tennis pro's wife, sent to make amends for his mistake. So, when she loses all respect for him following the embarrassing incident, Milos asks Jerry to lose at tennis and rehabilitate him in his wife's eyes.

Despite tracking down Reilly in Ohio, George fails to get satisfaction. And as Kramer does his best to avoid any life-threatening injuries, Elaine is stunned to learn that the elusive Vincent is only fifteen years old. Finally, during the tennis match Milos uses to elevate himself at Jerry's expense, a stray ball knocks Kramer unconscious. And once he wakes up, it's just in time to see something that suggests Elaine is about to end his life.

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