Season 8: Episode 140: The Fatigues

Fed up with his incompetence in the mailroom, Elaine tries to fire the fatigue-wearing Eddie. But when she ends up promoting him instead, Eddie's obsession with violence produces some unusual catalog copy. And Elaine's staff bolts when she promotes him to an even bigger corporate job. Meanwhile, George struggles with a lecture he supposed to give at work. But because books on tape have made it impossible for him to read anymore, he purposely fails an eye test in order to get a risk management text recorded on tape.

When Kramer arranges a singles night at Frank Costanza's lodge, he learns that George's dad was an Army cook. And though Kramer could use some help preparing the food, he's told Frank gave up cooking after an unpleasant incident during the Korean War. Meanwhile, Jerry's new girlfriend Abby is excited about her mentor, Cynthia. But things stall after Jerry discovers Cynthia is dating hack comic Kenny Bania. And upon seeing Bania's act for herself, Abby questions Cynthia's judgment and finds herself without a mentor.

Needing someone to explain risk management to him, George asks Abby, while Bania turns to Jerry for help with his act and Frank puts aside his fears to give Kramer a hand. So, as Frank becomes Kramer's mentor in the kitchen and Jerry is Bania's on-stage, Elaine mentors Eddie and George takes on Abby. But a mix-up sends George to work with the wrong notes and he ends up doing Bania' s act, while the comic gives the lecture at a club. Finally, when Elaine sends Eddie to the singles night, Frank mistakenly sees his bad wartime experience is being repeated.

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