Season 8: Episode 138: The Little Kicks

When Elaine throws a big party to reward her staff, whatever respect she's gained is lost when everyone sees her horrible dancing --something Jerry has known for years but refused to discuss. Sensing something has changed at work, Elaine warns an employee against getting involved with George after she meets him at the party. But Anna calls for a date anyway after Elaine says he's a bad seed. Meanwhile, at a sneak preview of Death Blow, Kramer's friend Brody makes a pirate videotape of the film. And when Brody suddenly falls ill before the movie is over, he threatens Jerry into finishing it for him.

Learning that Anna defied her orders, Elaine insists that she never speak with George again. And once she begins having trouble with the rest of her staff, too, Kramer reveals that it's because of her awful dancing. The unexpected success of his Death Blow then forces Jerry into bootlegging another film. But, after sending Kramer to do the job, the disappointing results send Jerry back to do it himself and demand that Brody provide additional cameras and a crew.

When Elaine says he's not so bad after all, she jeopardizes the bad boy image that George is cultivating. Desperate to impress Anna, George then agrees to bootleg the film. But his arrest forces Jerry to give Brody the tape Kramer made.. .one on which Elaine has recorded herself dancing. Finally, following Elaine's jailhouse fight with George's dad, Jerry's Death Blow bootleg makes him an underground legend and creates a new dance fad.

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