Season 8: Episode 139: The Package

After getting a look at her medical chart, Elaine learns that her doctor thinks she's "difficult." Pressed for details, Dr. Stern quickly dismisses Elaine without treating her irritating rash. And upon trying to see someone else, she's surprised to find her reputation has preceded her. When a woman at the photo store has been looking through his pictures, George concludes she must be interested in him. Using more film to create an attractive image of himself, he's stunned by a provocative photo he finds included in his next order. So he asks Kramer to take some racy photographs of him to send back to the store.

Kramer claims he can get a refund on Jerry's broken stereo, even though the warranty has expired. Then, after Jerry refuses a damaged and suspicious package in the mail, his mailman complains to Uncle Leo, who offers to deliver it personally. But after a mysterious explosion rocks Uncle Leo's apartment, Jerry learns that the package contained his broken stereo that Kramer mailed in order to get the Postal Service to pay for the damages. Meanwhile, Elaine discovers that her efforts to get treated are being thwarted by the medical association.

When he goes to file his claim, Jerry is interrogated by Newman, but admits to nothing. However, after confiscating one of George's photos that shows him hitting the stereo, Newman is sure that he's got Jerry cold. When they are both are summoned to the post office, Jerry finds himself being charged with fraud while George is accused of running a mail order pornography ring as his efforts to attract Sheila go unrewarded, but not entirely unnoticed.

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