Season 8: Episode 150: The Pothole

After he accidentally drops her toothbrush into the toilet and then doesn't tell her, Jerry cannot bring himself to kiss his girlfriend, Jenna. And as George frets over losing a talking keychain he was given by his boss, Kramer adopts a section of a local highway as his own to maintain. While Jerry looks for a way to secretly sterilize Jenna's mouth, George remembers losing his keychain in a pothole. But when he goes to retrieve it, he finds the pothole has already been repaired and the keychain buried inside. Meanwhile, when she can't convince a Chinese restaurant to deliver to her apartment, Elaine turns to deception to get what she wants.

After failing to convince a stranger to loan her an apartment so she can order the food, Elaine adopts a janitor's closet as her own in order to have the food delivered. Then, as Kramer offers George some help in recovering the buried keychain, Jerry confesses, prompting Jenna to then drop something of his in the toilet, and not tell him what. So, as Jerry frantically tries to figure out just what it was, George tries persuading a highway crew to dig up his keychain.

As Kramer's efforts to widen the lanes on his section of highway creates a massive traffic jam, Elaine discovers that pretending to live in the supply closet has caused the building's tenants to assume she's the janitor. And only after ridding his apartment of nearly everything he owns does Jerry learn that Jenna only dipped his bowl brush in the toilet. Finally, after George's efforts to unearth the keychain produce a plumbing disaster for Jenna, Elaine borrows Jerry's car to haul the building's trash to the dump and causes an accident along Kramer's section of highway.

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