Season 2: Episode 13: Death is a Bitch

Peter finds a lump in his breast and goes to the doctor. Although he gets a clean bill of health, he writes on his form that he's dead so that he doesn't have to pay his bill. Death gets a copy of the form and comes to collect Peter, but when Peter tries to make a run for it, Death sprains his ankle. While death is laid up on his couch, Peter goes out on a rampage, jumping off buildings, drinking hundreds of beers, and getting himself shot. He publicizes the fact that the rules of Death no longer apply, so Death tells Peter that he'll let him live as long as Peter fills in for him while he's recuperating. Death sends Peter to do a high-profile killing: the cast of 'Dawson's Creek' on a plane. Peter actually ends up thwarting the plane crash, but the event makes the news, and at least the pilots died, so Death feels like everyone is reminded that people can still die. Death leaves the Griffins' with a promise to return soon.

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