Season 3: Episode 33: And the Wiener Is...

Peter, used to beating Chris at every game they play, is intimidated when he realizes that Chris has a bigger penis than he does. Peter tries to compensate by getting a very phallic sports car and joining a gun-club, but when Chris saves him from a bear attack, he gets some perspective and tells his son that he's lucky to have such a big penis. Meanwhile, Meg joins the Flag Girls, and tries to act like she's now a popular cheerleader, but the cheerleaders mock her and cover her with stinky meat at a football game. Meg, on her mother's advice, is still friendly, and finally gets invited to a cheerleader's birthday party. Lois plans Meg's revenge on the popular kids, but Meg backs out of their complicated plan at the last minute, claiming that these people are now her friends. Meg regrets her decision when she is tricked into kissing a pig.

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2:30 pm, wednesday, august 30th

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