Season 3: Episode 49: Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

In a special three-story episode, Brian reads viewer mail and tries to answer profound questions: 'No Bones About it' Peter is granted three wishes by a Genie ... 1. Peter's first wish: to see what Kelly Ripa is like off the set. Wesee Kelly go to her dressing room where she pulls off her face and is analien. She eats the heart of a tied up guy before Regis calls her back. 2. Peter wishes that he has a theme song. There is a hilarious 2-3minute segment of Peter walking around and doing stuff with a theme songplaying. Then he's on the bus and a guy threatens to beat him upbecause his music won't stop, which is where he wishes to have no bones. 3. Peter wishes to have no bones, but wants to die because he overhears his family saying he will be aburden. He flushes himself down the toilet and ends up in Hollywood where he finds work and meets celebrities. 'Li'l Griffins' The Griffins as the little rascals. Kid versions of Peter, Joe, and Brian decide that they don't need girls. When they first meet Lois however, they quickly abandon their anti-girl sentiment. In school, Lois reads a book touting the virtues of bravery, and Peter and Quagmire try to prove who's the bravest by staying in a haunted house overnight. 'Super Griffins' A tanker truck containing radioactive waste slams into the Griffin house. The radiation affects each Griffin in a different way. Lois gains super strength while Peter has morphing ability. Lois tells her family that they must not abuse their powers. Of course that doesn't work and the town is forced to hold a meeting to see how to stop the Griffins from wreaking havoc. Adam West realizes he must fight fire with fire. He volunteers to roll around in toxic waste but he only gets lymphoma as a result. The Griffins, racked with guilt, use their powers to make Adam's recovery more comfortable.

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