A Day of Firsts

This week's volunteer isn't very experienced in the world of fashion and style. We're giving her a crash course and a few first experiences!

Expert - Anita J. Finkelstein
Expert - Richie Arpino
Tip - Style by Richie

Believe it or not, there are some people who haven't "Been there. Done that." Sara, this week's makeover volunteer, is an unpolished diamond who needs a little buffing and is willing to have her "firsts" take place on our show. By firsts, we mean ear-piercing, hair coloring, learning how to walk in high heels, salsa-dancing lesson, short haircut, etc. By the end of the show, our experts will give Sara a new look, some new skills, and a new attitude that will encourage her to try new things more often.

This week's experts are hair and makeup expert Richie Arpino and wardrobe expert Anita J. Finklestein.

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