Payneful Employment     Fri. August, 22 at 09:00 am
C.J. gets a very important job interview out of town. Curtis is excited because he thinks he might finally have the house to himself again, so he attempts to help C.J. get the job but it backfires.

Slightly Payneful Truth     Sat. August, 23 at 08:00 am
Malik, as a favor to Alexandra, helps Consuela prepare for her U.S. citizenship test and Curtis jumps in to help when Malik gets sick. Meanwhile, the barbershop welcomes a new barber, Zach, to the shop, who brings in lots of new clients to Floyd's delight.

Through the Fire     Mon. August, 25 at 09:00 am
Janine's mom takes over the house, annoying a depressed C.J. Meanwhile, Curtis gig as the Safety Seal goes up in flames.

Bible, The: King Payne's Version     Tue. August, 26 at 09:00 am
Ella struggles to fit in with the college students in her study group. Meanwhile, Curtis teaches Jazmine's Bible study group.

Matured Investment     Wed. August, 27 at 09:00 am
Miranda sees a different side to Calvin when he unexpectedly has to watch Calvin, Jr. Meanwhile, Curtis and Ella get new neighbors who have some new ideas about relationships.

Who's Your Daddy, Now?     Thu. August, 28 at 09:00 am
C.J. finally meets his birth father. Curtis helps Jazmine pick an instrument for school.

Feet of Clay     Fri. August, 29 at 09:00 am
Curtis gets a visit from an old friend who isn't quite what Curtis remembered. Meanwhile, Calvin tries to impress a nursery school recruiter to get his unborn child enrolled.

Date Night x 3     Sat. August, 30 at 08:00 am
The Payne men are forced to take their wives on a nice date, but the plans go awry.

Payneful Night Out, A     Mon. September, 01 at 09:00 am
Curtis and Ella decide to intervene when they see Janine and Roland at dinner until C.J. shows up with a woman. Meanwhile, Miranda goes on a grooming strike.

Payneful Assistance     Tue. September, 02 at 09:00 am
Miranda gets cooking advice after she makes a horrible dinner for Ella's club. Meanwhile, Curtis gets his tonsils pulled and can't talk.

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