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Season 3: Episode 67: Inner Tube

Doug lies to Carrie about having to work late so he can play mud football and get out of going to her seminar. Now sick from his night of football in the rain, Doug starts watching TV and begins to drift off to sleep... The Honeymooners Doug dreams that he is Ralph and Deacon is Ed and they scheme to get Doug out of the house to go bowling. Wheel of Fortune Doug dreams that he, Arthur and Carrie are contestants on The Wheel of Fortune, where the puzzle being "Doug Heffernan is a big fat liar." Brian's Song Doug dreams he is in Brian's Song as Brian Piccolo and Deacon is Gale Sayers. The Young and the Restless Doug dreams that he, Arthur and Carrie are on The Young and the Restless, where Carrie and Jack Abbott kiss. Doug, finally full of guilt, goes to tell Carrie the truth of what happened and she doesn't react exactly the way she thought she would.

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