weekdays at 5:30/4:30c
Best Man     Thu. April, 24 at 02:30 pm
Doug discovers Carrie's shocking secret at a wedding.

Dog Days     Thu. April, 24 at 03:00 pm
A barking dog keeps the Heffernans up all night.

Hungry Man     Fri. April, 25 at 02:30 pm
Doug embarrasses Carrie at her boss' cocktail party.

Court Date     Fri. April, 25 at 03:00 pm
Doug hatches a scheme after Carrie gets a traffic ticket.

S'ain't Valentine's     Sat. April, 26 at 09:30 am
Arthur meets an intoxicating woman (Anne Meara) at a St. Valentine's Day dance.

White Collar     Sat. April, 26 at 10:00 am
A new promotion makes Doug miserable.

Rayney Day     Sat. April, 26 at 05:00 pm
Doug plays golf in the rain; guest Ray Romano.

Train Wreck     Sat. April, 26 at 05:30 pm
Doug is disappointed when his beautiful young trainee doesn't make Carrie jealous.

Where's Poppa     Mon. April, 28 at 02:30 pm
Hit by a foul ball, Doug ends up at Dr. Becker's and makes a friend (Bill Cosby).

Time Share     Mon. April, 28 at 03:00 pm
Doug and Carrie befriend their weird neighbors in order to get a Hamptons time share.

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