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Deconstructing Carrie     Wed. September, 02 at 10:00 am
As Carrie reluctantly approaches her 35th birthday, Doug bribes neighborhood construction workers to hoot and holler at her in order to make her feel younger.

Van, Go     Wed. September, 02 at 10:30 am
Holly is upset when she learns Carrie was using her to have access to her van; Doug has an argument with a waitress who takes too long to deliver his food.

Black List     Wed. September, 02 at 11:00 am
Doug is convinced he is being replaced when Deacon starts spending time with a new friend.

Catching Hell     Wed. September, 02 at 11:30 am
Doug accidentally spills mayonnaise on one of Carrie's most important clients while at a Mets game.

Ice Cubed     Thu. September, 03 at 10:00 am
Carrie is overcome with guilt when she gets a digital music player for free because of the cashier's inattention.

Wish Boned     Thu. September, 03 at 10:30 am
Doug's elation at winning two tickets to the NCAA Final Four turns to guilt when Carrie prompts him to take Arthur instead of Deacon.

Slippery Slope     Thu. September, 03 at 11:00 am
When Carrie discovers that her and Doug's ski weekend getaway was motivated by a promotion for a free plasma TV that Doug wants, her romantic mood sours.

Buy Curious     Thu. September, 03 at 11:30 am
When their neighbor passes away, Carrie convinces Doug it would be a smart investment to buy the house and sell it for profit.

Vocal Discord     Fri. September, 04 at 10:00 am
Carrie and Doug decide marriage counseling is in order and turn to their neighbor for help, but his techniques only make things worse.

Like Hell     Fri. September, 04 at 10:30 am
Doug tries to impress new driver Jared when he learns he was the only one at IPS not invited to Jared's barbecue.

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